WTA All-Access Media Day @FamilyCircleCup is a Huge Hit

It was WTA All-Access Media Day at the Family Circle Cup, a frenetic exercise for bloggers with short attention spans. Some of the players seem to love it (JJ, Sabine) and some don’t seem to love it so much (Sloane, Sloane). It’s a big hit for everyone, a backhand down the line of media events.

It’s the lightning round of press conferences, where each of the top 8 seeds do one-on-one interviews with the journalists, video journalists and little bloggers like me.

For me, this event is a natural stimulant.

But of the top seeds, my favorite interview was not actually seeded or still playing at Family Circle Cup.

It was Tornado Alicia Black. I was lucky enough to catch her WTA debut in Citi Open qualifying in 2012. And you know what else made it so good? She gave an unpolitically-correct answer to a question and we did a do-over. I love it when they haven’t yet enrolled in WTA Players Media School.

It wasn’t that bad a comment. In fact, you and I would totally agree with her response. It was just…true and honest. So refreshing!

What a great day. More tournaments should do it this way. Citi Open started a similar effort last year.

All-Access Media Day is a Keeper.

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