Sloane Stephens Caught Skipping School at Fed Cup

Sloane Stephens

There’s nothing worse than that feeling when you’ve been caught in a fib by Mom.

The Mom in this case is US Fed Cup Captain Mary Joe Fernandez.

Veteran Freelancer Sandra Harwitt is the Helen Thomas of the tennis press (before the White House correspondent lost it). Today, she mentioned to Fernandez–almost in passing–that Stephens was playing in Doha. In fact, she’s scheduled tomorrow against Petra Cetkovska.

Fernandez countered, “You sure Sloane’s in Doha? She had a wrist injury”. El Capitan was clearly caught off-guard by the news. After all, she has been quite busy for the last week.

As you may remember, Stephens decided against participating in the Fed Cup tie due to a wrist injury two weeks ago.

Diplomatically-yet-not-so-cryptically, she added the following:

I respect and I admire my team’s decision to play Fed Cup over Doha.

It’s tough. There’s tournaments every week, there’s points to be won every week. Fed Cup comes not very often.

So, if you can make this a priority, I think it’s incredible and I think you get a lot out of it. As a player, it’s some of my fondest memories.

But I understand the challenges. And that was one of Venus’ challenges.

You have to make a decision on what’s your priorities and what’s important to you.

Don’t you hate it when Mom talks like that? She didn’t scold you, but she did. Just a little bit.

Steve Fogleman is Editor of, a Mid-Atlantic based tennis website. He is in Cleveland, Ohio covering the Fed Cup tie between USA and Italy for Tennis Panorama News.