Luca Corinteli: Ready Like A Raven For Battle As A Wahoo

Luca Corinteli: Ready Like A Raven For Battle As A Wahoo

Luca by DK 4899

I’d like to think that Luca Corinteli and I have a few things in common. We both spent our high-school years as Alexandrians, we both love the Superbowl XXXXVII Champion Baltimore Ravens and we both love hitting the hard courts in suburban Maryland. Difference is, he’s a Junior Tennis Champions Center prodigy and I’m a weekend hack. The first few similarities pretty much got me through this brief interview with a major DC/Baltimore Future ATP contender after he had lost a three-setter for the 18s title at the Easter Bowl.

On you taking Gage (Brymer) to the brink today in the Easter Bowl Final: Do you hope for any epic battles between UVA and UCLA?

Playing against Gage today was definitely difficult. I really felt like today’s match was in my hands and being up 6-3, 3-1 and letting it go is tough to swallow. I know all of the kids going to UCLA in the fall and all the talent they have now so the next couple of years will really be competitive and fun between these schools. Hopefully, I can get revenge next year at the NCAA’s when it matters a little bit more. Haha!

Are you looking forward to working under Coach Boland at UVA? What do you hope to learn and tell me about your looking forward to the team ethic.

I am most definitely excited to work under Coach Boland and Coach Pedroso in Charlottesville next year. I know that these two coaches are the best in college tennis and they know what it takes to get me to the next level which is a professional. As far as being on a team, I am super pumped to represent the University of Virginia and play along many of my close friends. It is something I have never done and I feel like I could be a great teammate for those guys.

Is it hard for an East Coast player at the Easter Bowl with an event that’s heavy on California talent and always an away game for East Coast players?

I don’t think playing on the West Coast is too much of a disadvantage for me, at least. I don’t want to speak for other East Coasters, but as a very frequent traveler I have played in over 12 countries so I have gotten used to being out of my comfort zone and it is something I embrace now.

Luca Corinteli (Photo: Dave Kenas)

Luca Corinteli (Photo: Dave Kenas)

Although you’ve trained in Boca, tell me about your time at JTCC and the DC talent you’ve met in training.

I was at the USTA in Boca for 3 years and last September I went back to the JTCC. All of the coaches there are great and really know what they are doing with the future stars and people are already on the tour like my very good friend, Denis Kudla. I work with coaches Vesa Ponkka and Frank Salazar and I love every second of it. The JTCC will keep producing players because of how well they run the Academy.

What’s your favorite memory of growing up in Alexandria or DC? (I went to TC Williams HS in Alexandria.)

My sister actually went to TC and I would have gone there as well if I did not play tennis seriously. I probably would have been a tight end for the Titans. I don’t know if there is one memory I can single out as my favorite as being an Alexandria resident, but I love taking walks in the summer around Old Town with friends and family just because it is so nice.

Also a Baltimorean here. How great was it to be the only tennis player who picked the Ravens when no one else did?

I am so proud to be a Ravens fan. I knew it would be a difficult thing to do but the coaching staff and Ray Lewis really got all the guys playing really hard and it is something I’ll never forget for my whole life. I know the beginning  of free agency looked bad for us but I like the moves we made and I think we will be contenders for a championship once again next year!


—Steve Fogleman, with Big Ups to Steve Pratt and Dave Kenas, the photographer who provided this week’s visual smorgasbord.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Colette Lewis, who helped me discover respect for all things Easter Bowl.

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  1. I always like it when I see interviews with players of the more humble variety. Luca appears to be a legitimately nice dude. Big ups to him for keeping his head from swelling and thanks for a good post!

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