Legg Mason Kid’s Day: Where Kids are the Kings of the Court

Annabel, like Skylar and Asia, is an easy name to remember

Another LMTC National Parks Family Day is in the books. The inflatable moon bounces increase by one every year. In five years, you may not even be able to see the clay practice courts. That’s by kid demand.

The Lost City of 'Jumps'

There was the always-crowded face painting table, the Mystics booth, the Kastles table and the Wizards hoops thing that really killed some time before lunch.

The Wizards themselves should train on this thing.

Speaking of lunch, this might be the only Family Tennis Day in the World that lets you in free and feeds you (and is open to everyone by advance registration). The chow lines in the past have been frighteningly long, but this year they moved very quickly. Our only gripe about the whole event is the lunch beverage choice. Pepsi is a sponsor, so for KID’S DAY LUNCH, the only beverages offered were Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Mountain Dew. Seriously, our kid is a handful on just juice. Doesn’t Pepsi have that tap-water-in-a-bottle with the nom de plume Aquafina?

 Dream for Kids hosted a clinic and there was also a Quickstart clinic which required advance registration, which impossible to find online.


Don't lie: You didn't even know the Marathon had a Mascot

So, if the only beef on Kid’s Day is handing out caffeine to kids, we’d say they get a 98%, which even by the ‘old school’ competitive grading system is still an A+.

Fathers steered their daughters away from the Practice Courts

For liability purposes, it's safer to post pics of Your Own Kid

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